Encore is a four-piece band from Winnipeg, Canada. Band leader, Donald Plant began performing and later writing music with his younger brother, Richard Plant, when they were in elementary school and all the way through middle school to high school they have been in numerous bands playing various types of music. Since then, the band has undergone numerous alterations. In 2016, with the addition of their current bassist Daniel Rafaelov, the name "Encore" was officially the new label of the band. Shortly after, drummer Zach Fedorowich joined Encore.

In the summer of 2017, Encore released their debut single, "Good Girls." It has been described as sharing stylistic elements with artists like 5 Seconds of Summer, One Direction, DNCE, and more! However, Encore prides themselves on their ability to write and perform music encompassing a variety of styles in order to have the broadest audience reach possible. Their style, although highly variable, does not stop them from spending countless hours in the studio, perfecting everything until satisfaction is achieved. Encore's diversity and ability to play all genres have given them a very unique sound. Using stylistic influence from artists such as Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars, they diversify into a pop/funk/rock style of sound that they make their own. However, Encorre prides themselves on their ability to write and perform music encompassing a variety of styles in order to have the broadest audience reach possible, making it hard to classify them under only one genre

The boys released "Good Girls" just before they were picked up by a tour manager from Live Different, a charitable organization focused on inspiring youth in Canada through positivity. After this partnership, Encore went on tour from January 2018 to May 2018, where they performed 73 shows across all of Eastern Canada. Through this tour, not only did Encore learn to become the better version of themselves and how to work well within a team, but they also learned how to inspire youth. During the tour, not only did the boys of Encore perform, but they also produced a lot of music. One song that was heavily produced while on the road, was their new single "Feeling" which will be apart of their debut EP. With "Feeling," as well as the rest of their EP, it is definite that Encore is beginning to find the direction they want to head towards and also finding their sound.

After releasing 4 singles in just one year, the boys have definitely been making a name for themselves as an independent artist. Their latest single "Now It's You" and two other versions of the record have received an incredibly positive response and is constantly growing. Much of Encore's success can be attributed to their tremendous social media presence. Pushing Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and all other socials has been their biggest way of communicating with their fans, giving them the ability to see all the feedback and be able to stay close. This tradition of social media promotion has continued for the band, and remains one of their key strategies for building awareness of their group.